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The Closing

The Closing

It started for me at an open house. Young came in with a friend from work. They went through and were friendly. Her friend signed the guest register. Young did not.

Later Young's boss called me. I had worked with him to buy a house. I work with this lady, he said, who I know really well. She has worked for me for 10 years. She is very smart. Really nice person. I think she would benefit from working with you.


So came the phone call, the buyer seminar, the buyer broker agreement and the mortgage application. She used Wendy Charles of Loan Central. Once we had the prequalification in hand, it was time for the showings.

Young confided she had been looking online for a year. She had gone to open houses. She was ready to go the next step.

She said, "I am very picky. I don't know if what I want is available for the price I am willing to pay. The kitchen has to be remodelled. The back yard is very important to me. I want to be able to garden, as well as entertain."

We went out once, twice, three times, four.

Each time we named houses, giving them a ranking from 1 to 10.

We found a house. Bothell House

We were the first buyers in it. It was listed  Friday late and we were there Saturday at 9:45 am. Young thought about it all week end. Took her boss by the front of it. Talked to family and friends. On Monday we decided to make an offer. Full price, with an accelerator clause up to $20,000 above full price. By the time our offer went in, there were two other offers.

In the end that one did not work out. We were second out of the three.

There was another one that was of serious interest. A bank owned home that had been upgraded and remodelled. But our second time looking at it, we discovered the back yard was next to a pretty busy road. Scratch that one.Spirit Ridge Repo

This other house was remodelled and in immaculate condition. Big deck in the back, cascading down three landings.

We went back for a second look at the end of our showing. It was a very good house. Problem was - it was at the top end of the price range. We decided to make a $25,000 low offer.

The offer came back with a very favorable counter offer. I thought we would split the difference and come to agreement.

No, Young said. The offer I made is the price I want to pay. Take it or leave it.

The seller left it.

THE House

Christmas came and went.

It was time to find another house. No disrespect, we told the listing agent, but we are ready to look for another house. If you would like to sell it to us, this would be your time.

Two days later, they signed our offer as we had written it.

Mutual Acceptance! Time to set up escrow at North Point Escrow. This escrow company is one of the best I have ever used - in 28 years in real estate.

I gave Young a number of inspector recommendations. She picked Rinehart Inspections. They are ASHI approved, do a great job, and the report is uploaded to a website promptly with pictures so you can save it, or print it, or just read it and leave it. I have always been happy with the results when a client uses them.

Appraisal. Came in at price with no work to be done.

Loan approval. Happened quickly and smoothly with no issues.

Loan documents done and to escrow.

Today we signed all the closing papers.closing 1

One last walk through theclosing 2 house before closing.closing 3

I like the house better every time I see it, she said.


Next thing?

Presenting the keys and the move in.

Aaahhh! I love real estate!

Phil Leng

The Phil Leng Team


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