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Twas the Night before Christmas

Happy Holidays to all, peace on Earth and Good Will to everyone.  

God Bless you One and All...

Hello.  Quick recap:  How has this year been for you?  JUST you?  Not bearing the weight of every tragedy we read about, hear about or see.  How was YOUR year?  

First, you now have the option to accomplish that which you missed in 2012.  Cause next week is a new year.  Any goal, task, aspiration, hope and/or achievement you feel you missed in 2012 will be more clear and available in 2013.

Second, it’s all behind you.  It’s in your shadow because you’re moving into the sun, into opportunity, into grace.  Into the life you now choose.

Third, the difference between want and choice?  Commitment.  The willingness to do whatever is necessary to achieve your objective.  Twelve hour days.  After 16 hour days.  After 60 days with no time off.  Then seeing yourself become the Master Blaster (Go Seahawks!).

This has been a remarkable year for me.  God has personally reached into my chest cavity and filled it with His love and commitment.  I have seen people go from extreme depression to laughter and joy with their children laughing and playing.  I have seen a community stricken by our freedoms join together and extend the reach of love around the world, from a State in our Union to a State of Caring.  

In my heart and mind I see and hear the children playing soccer with Jesus above (God is just too old for football), laughing and carrying on, sending love to their parents, families and kids around the world.  I see a man in a distant land choosing a job and feeding his family over picking up a deadly vest and abandoning hope.  I see a limo pulling up at the Church homeless camp, people stepping out, offering jobs to each and every person.  And treatment for those unable to work.  I see smiles wherever I go.  And the music of laughter.

2012 has been a great year.  The next will be even better.  Make the choice with me, commit to happiness.  Commit to reaching your goals and go beyond.  And smile.  It’s free and contagious.

Working with Phil Leng can have that effect on you...

Regards and respect to all,


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Twas the Night before Christmas
Happy Holidays to all, peace on Earth and Good Will to everyone. God Bless you One and All… Hello. Quick recap: How has this year been for you? JUST you? Not bearing the weight of every tragedy we read… more