The Phil Leng Team: We Want To Buy You A House

We Want To Buy You A House

We Want To Buy You A House


Sounds outrageous, right? But its true. We want to buy you a house, and it will be free and clear.


The Timing Is Right

Prices in our area went up 12% in 2012, 13% in 2013 and roughly 11% so far in 2014. Looking ahead, we think prices are going to continue to go up over the next 5 years.

This would not have worked in the period from 2007 to 2011, and it may not be favorable to do this in the future, but we think the timing is great right now.


We Want To Buy a High Quality House

We have preselected high quality houses in high quality neighborhoods. You can choose any of the houses from those we have already chosen. Some neighborhoods are likely to continue to go up in value. We would like to own a house there because we would like to have price appreciation on our investment.

You may be intrigued by our criteria. We define a high quality neighborhood as one where the High School has a 50% or better favorable rating.


We Are Looking For A High Quality Renter

We want a tenant who will look after the house as if it were their own. In fact there are lots of good people who used to own a house, or who are close to being able to buy a house. That’s where you come in. We want a high quality renter, and if you want to end up being an owner, all the better.

We will let you buy the house any time in the next five years. We want a steady return, let’s say five percent a year. If the appreciation is more than that, we don’t mind if you make equity even while you rent.

We understand that the last six years has been financially devastating to a lot of good people. If you are already on your way to getting back on your feet, we will rent to you until the time is right for you to buy.

Of course, no felonys, no rent evictions, no open bankruptcies. Pets are OK, but no Rottweilers, Pitbulls or Dobermans.


We Want A Fair Return On Our Money

We are looking for two different returns on our cash investment. First is the rent. That is a monthly cash return on our money.

Second is appreciation. In addition to the monthly rent, we are looking for the rising prices to give us a nice secure profit on our investment. If we can get a 5% return per year, we are good with that.


We Will Look To Do It All Over Again

We want you to buy the house at some point. You are not obligated to do so. If you rent for a year or two and leave, we are OK with that. We still have the free and clear house, and we can re-rent it or sell it for a profit.

But it is really clean for us if you buy the house. We will take the money and decide if the timing continues to be right to do it all over again.


Call us today. We want to buy you a house!

The Phil Leng Team


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