The Phil Leng Team: Over the next two nights I completely read the New Testament

Over the next two nights I completely read the New Testament

Mina writes...

“I was sitting in the library with my school books opened. While concentrating on my Math studies I casually shifted my leg into a more comfortable position. I happened to look down and saw a book on the floor. I picked it up and discovered that it was titled “Injil Sharif”. It was the first copy of the Persian Bible that I had ever seen…

Over the next two nights I completely read the New Testament while under the sheets…. I was interested in finding out about someone called Jesus. As I read, I became increasingly aware that there was something or Someone gently nudging me to concentrate on Him.

As the days progressed, I occasionally risked reading during the day while my mother was busied with the household and before father returned from work. The person called Jesus enthralled me. The many points in which His character and lifestyle were so different than those of Muhammad fascinated me. Unlike Islam’s prophet, He did not instigate wars to extend His influence, nor did He amass a harem of wives and concubines to gratify worldly lusts. The manner in which He protected and honored women was comforting to me, because it was so different from that which Muslim women commonly experience from spiritual leaders and their husbands…

Muhammad never performed a single miracle. During the days of Jesus, there was not a day that passes wherein He failed to perform numerous miracles. Healing the sick, stilling storms, and miraculously feeding thousands was as easy as breathing for Jesus. His Heavenly Father provided His every need, So He never had to raid caravans to provide for His disciples. His Father inspired Him with kind words of wisdom, liberation and forgiveness for all who were snared in various sins.

The Allah of Muhammad was vindictive, harsh and unforgiving. I found the concept that one could know that they were forgiven refreshingly attractive. Christ was famous for His loving kindness to everyone, and Muhammad was infamous for his unloving cruelties to those who opposed him. For me, the prospect of learning more about God while reading a book written in Persian, rather than Arabic, was delightful.”


  • Miracle of Miracles, Mina Nevisa pp 28-32


Witness as Ministry Mission


A team of us are going to Lebanon to distribute supplies and 5000 Bibles to the two million Syrians who have fled across the border to Lebanon. Please join us in giving the same transformation, hope and joy to families just like Abdullah and Huda.


Once the money is complete, the mission will purchase the Bibles and New Testaments in bulk in Lebanon itself. Our team of people from Seattle and the Northwest will distribute some of them directly, and local churches and pastors will distribute the rest.

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