The Phil Leng Team: Bible Study in Mecca

Bible Study in Mecca

Bible Study in Mecca

“Aisha showered her cousin with details about her astounding Jesus encounters. Reem had met with Jesus, too, and each time felt drawn to some purpose - a mission - for their newfound Savior.

To explore questions that had dominated their private thoughts, they spent the remaining days of Aishas visit in as much seclusion as they could come by without mustering unwanted, potentially dangerous questions from others in the family:

Why was Jesus appearing to them?

What was it in each encounter that brought them such peace and security.

Why was Jesus giving the two of them such similar visitations?

One question, though, seemed more urgent than any of the others: How was the Injeel - the New Testament - hidden in Reem’s dresser different than any other book? The question about its divine origin helped the two young womer put into words what both of them already knew in their hears. Itt also let them to the exact nature of the mission to which they both felt called.

While Christian Literature of any kind is forbidden in Saudi Arabia, Bibles remain readily available in Jordan. Reem’s New Testament had not been hard to come by. They would find a way to smuggle them into Saudi Arabia!

The close ties between Reem’s family and Aisha’s became the platform for their ministry. During visits the following year, the cousins crafted a plan, and despite the extreme risks - especially to Aisha - put it into action.

Reem’s diminutive edition of the New Testament not only fit inconspicuously in Reem’s sock drawer, but they found, thanks to Reem’s skills as a seamstress, that it could be sewn into the hem of a hijab. Their mission was in business.”

In Aisha’s own words… “I get twenty Injeels each trip each trip to Jordan… Even though I never tell anyone about the books, they are gone the day I arrive home. The Word of God (The Bible) is the most priceless possession in Mecca.

” Dreams and Visions - pp 67 and 68

Witness as Ministry Mission

A team of us are going to Lebanon to distribute supplies and 5000 Bibles to the two million Syrians who have fled across the border to Lebanon. Please join us in giving the same transformation, hope and joy to people just like Aisha and Reem.

Once the money is complete, the mission will purchase the Bibles and New Testaments in bulk in Lebanon itself. Our team of people from Seattle and the Northwest will distribute some of them directly, and local churches and pastors will distribute the rest.

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